Winter in the Hamptons

Winter In The Hamptons

Bonnie Herrington has it all. She has a fast-paced career as a journalist at a prominent New York magazine, a husband who is a lawyer, and a lavish apartment in the city. She loves everything she has worked for, and she and her husband have often been referred to as the perfect power couple. But everything changes when she learns that her husband is having an affair.

Bonnie decides she needs time to digest the news and heads out to their Hamptons home for the winter. But as she struggles to cope with her husband’s betrayal, she meets a small-town baker, who may just change her mind about working on her marriage.

A Wedding In Paris

A Wedding In Paris

Charlotte Bergen is convinced that the man she’s found is the one for her. After years of being together, living together, and building their own careers, she’s ready to get married and start a family. She’s convinced she has it all figured out. When her boyfriend Marcus proposes, she’s ecstatic. He has done everything she’s ever wanted with a proposal in Times Square.

The dream wedding is to take place in Paris. When Charlotte leaves for the wedding, she’s over the moon. Bot on the night before her wedding, a hotel worker catches her attention and it’s love at first sight. Jacques is everything she’s ever wanted. Will she pursue Jacques or continue with her wedding and her life with the man who has given her everything?

Forever Temporary

Forever Temporary

Marian Watts has travelled to New York to attend the esteemed New York University. She wants to study literature and she often reams about having a writing career where she can write her stories at New York cafes. And when she has the life she has already dreamed of, she starts to wonder why she feels like she’s missing something. She feels caught in a forever state of temporary.

She hadn’t noticed but someone wants to get her attention. And he’s willing to put up a fight to get her on a date to show her his world, a world she hadn’t even imagined.

In The City

The Girl From The City

Ariana Spencer – also simply known as Ari – has been with the same guy, Michael, for years. But she feels they have fallen into a routine, something she dreads. She hates that she can’t fix them. While Michael seems to thrive on the routine and the idea of them having children together, Arie wants something more. One day, she decides to go home to her mother, leaving the city behind.

Her mother, who lives in a small town about four hours away from New York, loves spending time with her daughter. And with a young man who has moved in across the street, there’s plenty of gossip going around. Will this new neighbour be what Arie is looking for, or will her love for Michael take her back to the city?

Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Description Coming Soon.

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