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Thanks for stopping by this page to learn more about me! I’m a romance author who likes to explore big city love stories with a dose of heartbreak.

I grew up with the Notebook. I grew up stealing books from my mom, written by Danielle Steel. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and I’ve read many of the great works by recognized authors. I have a library in my home, filled with novels and books. Whenever I need some inspiration, I simply dig in and start reading. There’s nothing like perfecting your craft like reading someone you admire and learn about their process.

I consumed a lot of novels during my Master’s degree as I was living in Scandinavia and trying to take it all in. I’m now back in North America, but I’m continuously inspired by Scandinavian authors and storytellers, and I always have a novel by a new Scandinavian author on my nightstand.

And I drink coffee to keep my words flowing.

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Rapid Fire Questions Round From Readers


Write Daily or Weekly?

I try to write something new and exciting every day but it ends up being a few times a week. I get ideas at random times.

Novels or Non-Fiction?

A mix of both! On this page, I only write novels. However, it’s no secret that I get inspiration for my Max Rosey novels from documentaries and real-life love stories.

Coffee or Tea?

Ohh – good question. Every morning, I’m definitely a coffee person. But if we were to have a coffee after 2pm, I would opt for a tea.

Music or Art?

There is nothing like a coffee shop jazz soundtrack for my novels.

Mac n’ Cheese or Pizza?

Fun, expensive pizza with lots of extra trimmings.

Facebook or Instagram?

I live on Instagram. Isn’t Facebook for older people? Jokes.

Love or Heartbroken?

Definitely a mixture of both. There’s some level of comfort in being in love, but there is also a lack of challenge and freedom. However, too much freedom in being single can also lead to being heartbroken because of the lack of love and structure that a partner can bring. I think a person needs to experience both several times.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Oh, a mix of both. I wouldn’t call myself a full introvert because I’m not. Perhaps my extrovert characters represent something I’m missing in myself.

Happy or Sad?

Happy in sad, grey, and rainy weather. How about that?